Public Art of Puerto Escondido

Public Art is any art visible to the public from public domain. Colorful store fronts, statues, carved wooden doors are all art of some form.

Colorful store fronts are eye catchers.

Natalia Boutique Hotel Las Olas La Hormiga Feliz Candy Shop Shalom Youth Hostel

Left. The Happy Ant Candy Shop. What child can possibly miss this place when walking by? Too many, it has closed down.

Rosaritos Restaurant

The Surfer Dude was brought to life in the early 90's and sat on a pedestal on the beach in front of Abarrotes Merlin. Some where a long the many government "improvement projects", his pedestal was reappropriated and he was discarded. In June 2014 Surfer Dude was moved to the entrance of Bungalows Zicatela and was to be placed on a new pedestal. Instead he fell and broke into pieces like Humpty Dumpty.

helpinghand2 helpinghanda

This antenna was hidden from view until after a hurricane in 2013. From the highway it has once again blended into the trees.