Acquiring Your First Mexican Passport as a Naturalized Mexican

Having jumped the loops to get your resident papers and jumping through more loops to acquire your Mexican citizenship, this is a piece of cake and unbelievably simple.

Normally I translate Spanish into English but I know that as a naturalized Mexican Citizen you speak Spanish, so I have no need to translate.


Requirements for your first Mexican Passport those over the age of 18 according to the SRE website as of Feb. 28, 2016.[1]

  • 1. Acudir personalmente ante cualquier Delegación de la SRE u Oficina de Enlace Estatal o Municipal con la SRE con cita previa. You can't pay someone to do this for you, you must do this in person. You need to make an appointment before you go.
  • 2. La solicitud de pasaporte será generada por la Delegación u Oficina de Enlace con la SRE durante el proceso del trámite. At the office you will be given a simple form to fill out.
  • 3. Acreditar la nacionalidad mexicana mediante la entrega de alguno de los siguientes documentos: e: Original copy of Carta de Naturalización. Check the link above for more alternatives if need be.
  • 4. Acreditar identidad presentando el original de uno de los siguientes documentos oficiales con fotografía y firma del titular, cuyos datos deberán concordar fielmente con los del documento con el que esté acreditando la nacionalidad: a: Credencial para votar expedida por el Instituto Federal Electoral (IFE) o Instituto Nacional Electoral (INE); i: Carta de naturalización. Check the link above for more alternatives if need be.
  • 5. Comprobante del pago de derechos.
Mexican Passport.

How the process worked for me and a few comments

This may or may not work for you but this is how it worked for me.

  • You must make a appointment to get your passport. You can do this on-line HERE. You must open an account. I was able to open an account but unable to fill out the form. If this happens to you, call the office and make an appointment the old fashion way. I do not have the phone number for this but on my appointment form there is a phone number which probably will work 01800-801-0773. I recommend to make the appointment early; if there is a problem or their computer system is acting up, there will be time to resolve itself, maybe. If you are from out of town, do not make the appointment on a Friday; if there is a problem you might have to return the next day, Monday.
  • If you were unable to get the Comprobante del pago de derechos to download, the office you can give a comprobante del pago, at least they could in Oaxaca.
  • You will need the original comprobante payment and a copy.
  • They will need to see the original Carta de Naturalización, they will return the original to you. I also had a notarized copy of it, which is what they preferred. (I got my notarized copies from the office that issued my Naturalization Certificate.) They wanted a black and white copy of it in letter size. Page one on one sheet and page two on another sheet. I recommend to have a letter sized, black and white copy of your Carta de Naturalización just in case they want it too.
  • The one and only Mexican document I had to prove my identity was my Carta de Naturalización. No problems.
  • Your finger prints will be scanned electronically and your eyes will get scanned too. Then they will take your photo, so dress nice and comb your hair or you will get a passport photo with hair sticking out every which way like me.
  • I have heard it is a good idea to bring in two passport photos in case their camera isn't working.
  • Four hours after entering the office, I was leaving it with my lovely passport in my hand.
  • The office is a busy place only doing passports. Professional.
  • Although time consuming, it is a piece of cake.

SRE Location in Oaxaca

Most taxis know where the office is. Taxis charge 40 to 50 pesos from the Zócalo (Feb 2016.) Its easy to find a taxi to return back to the city center.

There is plenty of parking in the area, the area looks fine for parking a car in the street during the day.

The Office in Oaxaca you need to go to is:

  • SRE. Secretaría de Relaciones Exteriores.
  • Calle Álamos 603
  • Col. Reforma
  • Oaxaca

Wheelchair Accessibility

The first floor is accessible to wheelchairs. If you're at the office only to get your passport, you will be fine unless you need to use a restroom, which is on the second floor and is not accessible to wheelchairs. I am almost positive there is a restroom on the first floor for employees so ask if you need to.

Footnotes and Notes

  1. 1. Requirements for all types Mexican Passports according to the SRE website as of Feb. 28, 2016.