Eulalio Gutiérrez Ortiz

Provisional President of Mexico

6 November 1914 to 16 January 1915

Last updated in March 2017

A short biography

Eulalio Gutiérrez

Eulalio Gutiérrez Ortiz (4 February 1881 – 12 August 1939) was elected provisional president of Mexico during the Aguascalientes Convention and led the country for a few months between 6 November 1914 and 16 January 1915.

Eulalio Gutiérrez Ortiz was jailed several times for revolutionary activities prior to the revolution. He served as the military commander and Governor of San Luis Potosí in 1914.

Eulalio Gutierrez

Photo of Pancho Villa (left), El Presidente Provisional Eulalio Gutiérrez (center) and Emiliano Zapata (right). c. 1914.