Notable Preconquest Mesomericans

Last updated in August 2016

8 Deer

8 Deer, (1011 CE - 1063 CE), Mixtec King (or Lord) of Tututepec. "In 1045, 8 Deer made a journey to Tula, where he was invested with a Toltec nose button by either the Toltec king himself, a man called 4 Jaguar, or by his chief priest 8 Death; this probably marks his accession to the throne, the ruler of the Toltec capital fulfilling the same function as the pope who crowned the Holy Roman emperor."[1]

"We follow in the books [codices] the machinations of 8 Deer, as he brings all of the rival statelets under his sway: marrying no less than five times, all his wives were princesses of other towns, some of whose families he had subjected to the sacrificial knife. When he was 52 years old, he made the mistake of attacking the native town of the last of his wives, and he himself captured, suffering the usual fate [he was sacrificed]."[2]

Footnotes and Notes

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