Photos of Edible Insects of Oaxaca and Mexico

It took a bit getting used too, but I have devoloped a taste for edible insects. The insects are served dried out, roasted, salted and perhaps some chile powder added. Chicatanas, a type of ant, is my favorite. All the photos are taken from various markets in Oaxaca.

Chapulines / Grasshoppers


Chapalines are eaten as a snack and are available almost year round.

roasted chapulines with garlic

Chictanas / Flying Ants


Chicatanas swarm in large numbers for a day or two at the beginning of rainy season which is around May or June. They are attracted to lights, sometimes people will use flood lights to attract them. In the mornings when they swarm, people are out in the streets with bags scooping them up. The live chicatanas are placed in water until their wings fall off or can be pulled off easily. They are then roasted.

Roasted and ground up, they can be added to salsa or can be used in mole. They are also great just to snack on. They are considered to be a delicacy.

Gusanos de Maguey / Maguey Worms

Gusano de Maguey
  • Gusano de Maguey
  • Gusano de Maguey

Gusanos de Maguey can be eaten as a snack. They often are found in Mezcal, a type of alcohol made from Maguey. The image of gusanos de maguey in the platic bucket is not mine and was downloaded from

Notes and Footnotes

  1. 1. The photo of Gusanos de Maguey in the plastic bucket comes from Photo of Maguey worm. Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported. Image captured 29 Feb. 2016.