Desayuno and Almuerzo Images

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Desayuno is the first meal of the day in Mexico. It is a small meal, typically coffee and a sweet bread.

Almuerzo is the second meal of the day, its normally served around 11.

Desayuno Images

memilita de elote

Memilita are kind of corn bread. They are slightly sweetened and very filling.

Almuerzo Images


A tamale is a made of corn flour and some type of filling, which is steamed in a corn husk or banana leaf. The corn husk or banana leaf is discarded before eating.

Tamale de Chipil

Tamales de chipil, chipil is similar to spinach. I had a delicious variation of this tamale that also contained a spicy tomato sauce.

Tamale de Chili Ajo

Tamales de chileajo are made with chicken or pork, chiles, garlic, tomatoes and more. Video demonstrating preparation and cooking tamales, recipe included.